The word “solution” is often associated with solving a problem.
In another sense, a solution comes about even when there is no problem to be met. This occurs when the processes of listening and analysis have been completed. At this point, determinations for viable options are made and presented. Plans may be designed to determine which direction is best to move forward to meet the needs of the individual, family and/or business.

Insurance: Which of the many options available will satisfy the goals and expectations of the individual? The solution may be developed through personal planning or group presentations. Group presentations may include Understanding Medicare; The Choices for Long Term Care Protection; Securing a Business Partnership; Family Protection as Part of Preparation for the Future.

Business: To assist the small business owner, I have designed presentations such as: The Process of Creating, Planning and Beginning a Small Business; What Does SWAT Mean and How Might It Help Me; The Business Plan, Simple or Complex; Documents Every Business Needs; Financial Operations and the Sins of Financial Neglect.

Ministry: Through pastoral counseling, I care for individuals and guide their spiritual growth. I offer training sessions on the Christian Life, I officiate at marriages and provide Memorial and Funeral Services for those without a pastor. Cove Fellowship Ministry publishes “Safe Harbor,” a quarterly discussion of topics for the Christian life.

For the personalized approach to helping you find the solution that’s right for you, please contact me at (732) 292-3044.