Drawing upon over forty (40) years of business experience, I offer management services to business owners in the areas of Small Business Development; Sales and Marketing; Project Management; Problem Resolution and Operations. In each area I apply the principles of Listening • Analyzing • Designing • Caring to the project.

Listening starts even before any consultation begins. By paying close attention to a potential client’s "whys and hows," the consultant obtains a picture of the scope of the consultation that needs to be addressed. It is here that a decision is made as to whether this is a project that is within the boundaries of expertise of the consultant. The client is also assessed as to the reality of hoped-for results. The project can be formalized and the process begun once there is common agreement.

Analyzing is the beginning step of gathering all relevant data and may include hard data as well as employee interviews. The data is reviewed and placed into categories according to relevance and rated accordingly.

Designing takes the results of the analysis and develops a plan of implementation. Recommendations will be presented for management's consideration as to the actual implementation of the items or if there is further discussion and revision needed.

Caring is my concern for my client, both during and after the project. It is my being available to answer questions, as well as to discuss areas of concern. The fact that the project is not viable or that the management decides against it, does not mean that my interest in the client just goes away. It means that our relationship has developed in a different direction.


For the personalized approach to helping you make the business choice that’s right for you, please contact me at (732) 292-3044.